After the first Members’ day that took place on the Swiss National Day, a second one was organised this year at the World Archery Excellence Centre on 2 September 2018.


As the Members’ day that took place on the 1st of August, this event allowed the participants to get familiar with competition, while enjoying a friendly atmosphere and the coaching of the World Archery Excellence Centre team.

This new members’ event offered the participants an opportunity to experience competition again, while improving their shooting: with support from World Archery Excellence Centre Director Juan Carlos Holgado and Head Coach Kyeong Su Jeoung, each of them set personal goals according to what they had to work on and practice during the day. Emphasis was put on mindfulness for participants to focus on the shooting process rather than the score, and to just enjoy the event and learn from this experience.

Romain, a member of the Centre who took part in this friendly competition, said:

“It was an interesting idea. Since we were doing a small competition with 10 ends of 3 arrows, we were scoring, but it was not only about points: we were also observing how we were shooting and feeling regarding what we had to work on, and if we were succeeding in correcting our mistakes.”

He also explained how this kind of event helped him improve:

“We already had a competition on the first members’ day one month ago, and today I could see I have made some progress since then. It’s interesting as it’s quite different from coming to practice on our own: we are all together, and the competition, as well as setting objectives helps to work better than when we practice without counting the arrows we shoot or the points on the target.”


The pictures of this event can be seen following this link.

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