Challenge Lausanne 2019 2

On June 29 and 30, the Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne organised the 44th edition of its annual competition, the “Challenge de Lausanne”. As last year, recurve archers were shooting on the Sportoto field on Sunday, while they were joined this year by all other categories on Saturday shooting session with compound and instinctive archers.

Despite the particularly hot weather, there was a good number of participants in this competition with a total of 68 archers. Most of them came from different Swiss archery clubs, but some foreign archers were also competing. Among these, the three Olympic Solidarity scholarship archers training at the World Archery Excellence Centre, some participants from France and Singapore, and one participant from Greece.

The competition included qualifications for archers of the compound, bowhunter, barebow and longbow categories on the first day, as well as qualifications and finals on the second day for the recurve archers. The matches were won by Swiss team member Thomas Rufer in the recurve men division, and Eleftheria Matiatou from Greece in the recurve women division, while the medals of the first competition day went to Swiss archer Andrea Vallaro and Loh Contessa Tze Chieh from Singapore in respectively the compound men and women divisions.

This competition got supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with an IOC President trophy for the recurve men and women division, and a World Archery President trophy for the compound men and women division. These trophies are won in elimination matches and only if there are more than 8 participants. In this edition this was the case in both recurve categories, but not in the compound ones.

Eric Pichonnaz, from Club des Archers de la Tour and competing in the barebow men category said: “I had already participated to competitions at the World Archery Excellence Centre, including the World Archery Masters Championships in 2018. I’ve been suffering from target panic for the past year, so my objective for the competition this weekend was to get to feel more comfortable placing the point of the arrow on the middle of the target for aiming. This competition was a great improvement for me, as I would say I succeeded in this objective for around 80% of the shots. My score also got closer to the ones I usually get during practice.”

On the second day, recurve men gold medallist Thomas Rufer said: “As I recently changed a few things in my shooting sequence, my objective for this competition was to test it in a real competition environment, not only in practice. It’s not all perfect, but it is quite good, and I am surprised of how well it went. I am quite happy with my shooting today and that it gave me the first place, which gave me the very nice IOC President trophy.”

Recurve women winner Eleftheria Matiatou also gave her impressions on the event: “The competition felt really good. I didn’t expect to win, but I’m happy I got the first place. I’m also glad to be here, and I will be coming back next weekend for the Hyundai Outdoor Matchplay Classic.”

Pictures taken during the event can be seen in our photo gallery.

The full results of the two competition days can be found following these links: Recurve qualifications results, Recurve finals results, and Compound/Barebow/Bowhunter/Longbow results.

The next competition taking place on the Sportoto outdoor field will be the Hyundai Outdoor Matchplay Classic, organised by the World Archery Excellence Centre to provide more matches’ opportunities to the archers participating to this event.