Level 1 Coaching Course

The 3rd annual World Archery (WA) Coaching Course Level 1 was held at the World Archery Excellence Centre from 27 May to 1st June.  Coach Kyeong Su Jeoung with the assistance of WAEC director Juan Carlos Holgado delivered the course.

The course programme included six days of practical and theoretical classes, with subjects such as coaching efficiency, instruction, the various stages of the shooting form and technique, and psychology.

During the training week, the participants had the opportunity to practice different activities such as coaching first-time archers through applying what they learned in the classroom to the shooting field; they also took part in other practical classes, including equipment workshops.

The 10 participants of this 3rd WA Coaching Course Level 1 came from various countries including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Poland, Senegal, Switzerland and Cyprus, and all followed the course delivered in English.

“Everybody got closer each day during the week, we really felt there was a team spirit.”

“The people in the Centre were very friendly, and made us feel really welcome,” said Christiana Madriotou, from Cyprus.

Mariya Shkolna, from Poland, agreed and added: “There was a relaxed atmosphere, and it was really interesting to share various experiences with others.”

“As a competitive archer, it’s refreshing to learn how to coach someone.  We learned new exercises and the basic teaching for first time archers in an excellent centre with professionals.”

Coach Kyeong Su Jeoung said: “I really enjoyed not only delivering the course but also sharing opinions from around the world, the participants really had a desire to learn.”

“It’s a success for the World Archery Excellence Centre, the organisation is well managed, and I hope that the course will become more promoted and more attractive to people as it can be helpful for archers without experience.”


You can see the pictures taken during the week on this page.

The next coaching course to take place in the Centre will be a World Archery Coaching Course Level 2, from 22 – 28 October 2018.