Last week at the World Archery Excellence Centre was a new occasion for coaches to learn and to extend their competences, as the World Archery Coaches Course Level 2 was taking place from October 22 to 28.


Eight participants coming from various countries such as Czech Republic, Luxembourg or Poland, among others, shared the course given by British expert Tim Swane. He followed the frame created by Pascal Colmaire, World Archery staff in charge of Development and Education, and organised the teaching during this week around theoretical courses, taking place on the morning, and practical workshops, set on the afternoon.

The programme of this week included the general study of aspects of sports science such as nutrition, biomechanics and the body or fitness training, as well as different archery disciplines practiced, for example field archery.

The programme of the course also covered key aspects of coaching such as observation and analysis, as well as the coaching process and ethical standards, and archery skills like bow tuning and shooting technique.

The level targeted by this coaching is in-between beginner and elite athlete, as expert Tim Swane explained: “This course is designed to take novice archers from the novice stage to nearly high-performance, so we are targeting junior archers who have talent but need to develop, and good adult archers who want to get better.”

Being able to bring archers to this level is also the objective of the participants, as Mariya Schkolna (Poland) added: “In the future, I see myself not only coaching beginners, but also being able to practice with higher-performance archers.”

Pit Klein (Luxembourg) concluded: “I think it’s nice when you have athletes that you start coaching when they don’t know anything about archery at all, and then bring them higher and higher.”


Pictures of the World Archery Coaches Course Level 2 can be found following this link.

The next Coaches Course at the World Archery Excellence Centre will be a World Archery Coaches Course Level 3 taking place from December 3 to 9.