WAEC coaches offer home training tips for archers confined by the coronavirus

Archery Home Training Tips

The exceptional containment and measures that have been established around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic have made it very difficult to practice many sporting activities and to access the necessary facilities.

Archery is a sport that can be performed at close range, so the World Archery Excellence Centre has created a guide with tips for practising archery at close range, exercises that can be performed at home and in minimal space. These tips are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Juan Carlos Holgado, Director of the WAEC, explains the origin of this project: “The coronavirus pandemic forced us to close down the World Archery Excellence Centre, and as a result, our users were interrupted in their classes and training having no access to the technicians and instructors needed to progress. Faced with this situation, the WAEC technicians had the initiative to pool their knowledge to create a tool that our members and the WAEC users could use to continue practising at home.

As we were working on the tips, World Archery suggested the idea of offering this tool to more archers around the world. We all loved the idea and immediately set to work adapting these tips for the world archery community. To offer this tool in different languages, we asked for the collaboration of the DSB (German Shooting Federation) and FITARCO (Italian Archery Federation). They translated these “Home Training Tips” into German and Italian. A Portuguese coach, Adriano Dias, upon learning of this initiative, immediately volunteered to translate them into Portuguese and offered it to the WAEC.

The shooting technique and specific physical preparation do not require ample space to be developed. The challenges we face in these exceptional times are no reason not to continue to progress in our shooting. With will and imagination, it is possible to create a safe and suitable space for daily practice at home.

It has been a satisfaction for me to see how an idea that came up to help our group of archers at the Centre has become a useful tool worldwide. The teamwork has been remarkable. I want to thank and acknowledge the excellent work done by my WAEC technicians: Kyeong Su Jeoung, Raymond Paroz and Miquel Angel Pifarre…, as well as the invaluable help of Pascal Colmaire (World Archery), Nuno Diaz, Alexis Fauron, Alexane Scelles, Adriano Días, Freddy Siebert (DSB), Julia Matheis (DSB), Antonella Ballarin (FITARCO) and Guido Lo Guidice (FITARCO) for their invaluable help in making this project a reality. Thank you all very much for your contribution.

This tool is not perfect and has room for improvements. But at least it is a start and useful help for those recurve archers who want to train during these difficult times. Soon, we will extend this tool with exercises oriented to compound archers, will include archery mental training exercises and tips, or maintenance of the equipment. We will get on it very soon.”

These “Home Training Tips” is a document that details a set of educational and useful exercises for training at home, always using elements that can be installed in a reduced space and are easy to obtain.

Each exercise is explained with a text, a couple of photos, and a specific video clip to facilitate its understanding.


Tips for training at home can be found on our Training Resources page.

For any suggestion or comment, as well as any offer to collaborate in the future tips to be developed for compound bow, mental training, equipment maintenance, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@worldarcherycentre.org.