Training resources

The World Archery Excellence Centre is offering various exercises and tips to train at home for its Members and the archery community.

Tough man with bow and arrows, close up with cloudy sky at background
Download the Archery Home Training Tips PDF:
Go to the WAEC Youtube channel:

Do you have your own target at home? Download our special short distance A4 target faces to print and practice with:
Full target faces:

XL (1 target): JPEG, PDF

L (2 targets): JPEG, PDF

M (4 targets): JPEG, PDF

S (9 targets): JPEG, PDF

"Trispot" target faces:

L (6 spots): JPEG, PDF

M (6 spots): JPEG, PDF

S (6 spots): JPEG, PDF

You don't have any target at home yet? Archery360's article lets you know how to make one to practice at home (if you can do so safely).
Home made target with used paper: link