EHL Sports Day

For the first time, the EHL (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne) was organising its Sports Day for students outside of its facilities, due to the current construction work happening on its campus. Organisers were expecting around 500 students of the 3000 who are currently studying at the school.

Various activities were proposed to the participants; basketball, football, floorball, circus acrobatics and archery. They had the opportunity to try both team and individual sports.

Following the opening ceremony, teams of students from different courses faced each other during friendly matches for the team sports.

Students that did not participate in any team competition but just enjoyed this day, such as Sophie and Kiara, explained: “We only tried individual activities such as the trampoline in the circus part. We didn’t take part in any group activity, but we liked the atmosphere.”

Mathilde Cheval, Events Coordinator for the organisation of the EHL events for students such as graduation ceremonies or this Sports Day, told us about the challenge of organising this year’s Sport Day: “The EHL has been organising a Sports Day like this for years, but this was the first time it happened outside of our campus grounds. It has been a success, even though we had to review our whole program to distribute the activities in the space available. We also organised different individual activities, such as the circus, dance, and archery, which has been quite nice and was appreciated by the students.”

Sofia, an EHL student in her last study year, confirmed this: “I had already participated in the Sports Day before, but this one was different from the last years since it wasn’t taking place at the school. Even if there wasn’t volleyball, which is my sport, I enjoyed the place and tried archery. I always wanted to try this sport but never had the opportunity to do so until today. It was a lot of fun. I really loved it and I’m actually thinking about coming back here to shoot again.”

Before this Sports Day, EHL students also had the opportunity to enjoy the World Archery Excellence Centre facilities during a 1-month partnership between the Centre and the EHL for students to use the fitness of the World Archery Excellence Centre. Some archery classes were also organised for student groups at the beginning of 2019.

Pictures of the EHL Sports Day can be seen in our photo gallery.

EHL students can keep enjoying the World Archery Excellence Centre by subscribing monthly to use the fitness, or by benefitting from a 20% discount on archery classes. For more information, please contact us at or call 021 614 20 60.