World Archery Honorary President and IOC Executive Board Member Jim Easton served as World Archery President from 1989 to 2005. It was his long-time dream to have an international archery centre in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The idea of the World Archery Excellence Centre began to be officially pursued in 2009 by World Archery’s current President, who succeeded Jim, Prof Dr Ugur Erdener. Then, after five years of planning and acquiring the necessary permissions, construction started in October 2014, in the north of the city.

Easton Foundations, created by Jim Easton with the mission to promote archery, by growing the sports at all levels and inspiring the next generation of Olympic hopefuls, was one of the biggest contributors to the Centre.

“The Easton Foundations are proud to support this effort and the vision of Honorary World Archery President Jim Easton,” says Easton Foundation President Greg Easton, Jim’s son.

“We believe the centre is directly aligned with the vision and goals of the Foundations, by providing opportunities for better training, increasing the universality of our sport, promoting archery in the home of the International Olympic Committee and, ultimately, fostering the next generation of Olympic archers.”

The location of the Centre, close to the home of the IOC, World Archery and other international federations, is key in keeping archery relevant, says Greg.

“The visibility of archery to the IOC will be elevated, especially to those who have a role in the future of our sport at the Olympic level.”

“It’s truly a symbiotic relationship and is a strong example of World Archery giving back to the sport it leads through programmes, education and exposure.”

Like archery facilities already in use in Egypt, Thailand, USA and other nations, the state-of-the-art World Archery Excellence Centre will lead the exposure, promotion and development of archery, making it accessible to many more people worldwide.

“This spreads the opportunities created by the Olympic Movement to many more people and places that can benefit from the unique opportunities that only sport can provide.”

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