From December 3 to 9, 2018, World Archery held their first Level 3 coaching course at the World Archery Excellence Centre.


World Archery Excellence Centre Director Juan Carlos Holgado and World Archery Development Director Pascal Colmaire led the course. They shared their knowledge on advanced coaching, covering topics such as: planning and programming, physical training, mental discipline required in competitive archery, archery equipment and form. Participants came from countries such as Malaysia, South Korea and Israel. Kyeong Su Jeoung, and Raymond Paroz from WAEC also participated in the course.

The objectives of the course were explained by Pascal Colmaire:

“The Level 3 coaching course is different from the two first levels, which focus more on technique; for this course, the challenge is each country coaches in a different manner. The objective here is to support the work of developing a coaching system in each country, in harmony with their philosophy, by helping where we can in training, planning, psychological work, coaching during competitions, and how to analyse and understand technique.

Following the Level 1 and 2 coaching courses that took place this year at the Excellence Centre (May 27 to June 1, and October 22 to 28), Level 3 offered a program which included both practical workshops and theoretical classes, as well as presentations on topics such as the recent rule changes, doping and nutrition.

The Head coach of Bhutan’s national team, Park Youngsook, also known as Sally shared her experience of the course:

“The course experts, Pascal Colmaire and Juan Carlos Holgado dealt with many things that coaches should know. All participants not only shot after setting up goals, but also learnt a lot of things to increase the archer`s power and flexibility. It was a really nice method to help and guide archers.”

Sally and many of the other participants already had extensive archery coaching experience which was expressed by Pascal Colmaire:

“The exchange that took place during this course was interesting, especially the chance to learn how each coach works in their country. Many of the participants on this course have experience as Olympic and Paralympic athletes as well as coaching successful archers.”

You can find the pictures taken during this course in the World Archery Excellence Centre photo gallery.


Coaching courses will be organized for 2019 at the World Archery Excellence Centre for all levels. Details of these courses will be published in the WAEC website calendar over the next few days.