Even before the World Archery Excellence Centre started its design process, it was decided that it was going to be as eco-friendly and integrated into the green areas that surround it as possible.

The latest component of the construction to be delivered on site, the façade – which is the exterior of the Centre – is made up of wood lamellas, with geometry and design that resembles the trees in a forest, just like the ones in front of the centre.

The wood lamellas have been coated to resist all weather conditions and pre-assembled on a structure, as they are delivered as panels on site.

Adding the panels to the building is one of the last steps in finishing the structure. Now on site, it’s estimated that the façade will take three weeks to fully install.

The façade was built by the Swiss company Charpente Vial, which is located nearby Fribourg, and it will occupy a surface of 675m2 with a height of 4 metres on average.

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