Founded in 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Tardin & Pittet Architects was chosen from four firms to design and construct the World Archery Excellence Centre.

Through its history, the company has participated in different architectural contests, developed diverse projects for public authorities and worked in small private projects.

With creativity, pragmatism and professionalism as core values, the company took the Centre from concept, through design, technical aspects, operation and execution of the Centre construction, which has involved 40 contractors and nearly 200 workers.

The 10 architects group in Tardin & Pittet found the inspiration for the Centre design in the similarities between two expert fields: “Archery, like architecture, requires rigor, precision and perseverance to reach the target,” said Jacqueline Pittet, architect and co-founder of the firm.

Following the strict urban and construction planning rules of Switzerland, the challenge was to fit the Centre in the existing lot while fulfilling expectations.

Based on the regulations and the space, they sketched different options from which the International Archery Development Foundation chose the final plan.

Further studies allowed the architects to develop the project and elaborate the execution details, as well as gathering estimates to choose the most competent builders to carry out each task.

Before construction started, there was a nearly-two-year-wait to obtain a building permit, then delivered by the authorities in Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud.

The building’s height and distribution was limited by the urban and construction planning rules of the locality. It was determined that the lower part of the building should include an adaptable shooting area, the central and most important part of the facility, usable along two axis to shoot both 70- and 18 metres.

The top floor would then contain the offices, the gym, various amenities and relaxing areas for athletes and visitors.

Having been involved in sport constructions for elementary schools and colleges, the World Archery Excellence Centre is now the biggest sporting project Tardin & Pittet has developed.

In the Olympic Capital, Jacqueline believes this new facility will become iconic in both its use in the sporting world, and as a building itself.

“This Centre is at the cutting edge of technology and sustainable development. In the ambition to be the worldwide standard in archery, it will become emblematic of World Archery’s commitment to growing its sport.”

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