The 22nd annual Indoor de Lausanne welcomes athletes from all ages and disciplines

Indoor de Lausanne 2019

Article written by Maria Peredo Silva.

The World Archery Excellence Centre hosted the 22nd annual Indoor de Lausanne tournament, organised by the Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne and supported by the Swiss Archery Association. The competition lasted through the weekend of November 23 and 24, and included both 18 and 25-meter disciplines for recurve and compound. The majority of the participants came from Swiss archery clubs along with international participants from Spain and Olympic Solidarity athletes from Chad, Malawi and Sudan.

Open competitions such as this one have the special conditions of allowing archers from all ages, genders, categories and styles to compete together. They present a great opportunity for less experienced athletes to compete and practice their skills, all while competing next to international and national level athletes.

For those more experienced athletes it is a good practice too, in particular for their concentration and the mental preparation for competition. As Innes Cooke from the Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne puts it “indoor archery is very different from outdoor, it is more on your brain and less physical” and it is always important for archers to practice these skills as much as possible. Innes believes that “once you get to a certain level all the gains are mental, because the entirety of archery is competing on the same thing over and over again” which is a constant challenge for the mind.

Thomas Rufer from Bogenschützenverein Bern, who has competed in the Swiss National team, has his own opinion about mental preparation. He believes you have to “make it hard in training and easy in competition, because that gets you to a similar stress level and allows you to compete at your best”. For an outsider this seems like a difficult skill to master, but the importance is easy to understand once one realises that archery is different to all other sports in the sense that it is, as Thomas puts it, “less about action and more about precision and repetition”, which can be fascinating to watch for outsiders and beginners of the sport.

We are looking forward to welcoming the athletes soon for the AVTA Indoor Jeunes taking place on December 1st.

For images of the event have a look at our photo gallery. The results of the competition can be found in these links: results for 18m and results for 25m.