The World Archery Excellence Centre is hosting this year’s Swiss National Outdoor Championships! We are delighted to welcome all Swiss archers to our facilities to participate in this event. It is our pleasure to help the SwissArchery organize this year’s Outdoor SC. Maintaining this competition in a challenging year like this will allow swiss athletes to have an important event and a goal for the season to be motivated in their regular training. Feedback received indicates that many archers are happy and excited that these Championships will take place.

We will follow the COVID rules established by SwissArchery and authorities related to archery competitions; respecting social distancing, keeping disinfectants available for everyone, people allowed to be in the competition field, number of archers per target, etc…
The Championships will take place over two weekends. On September 5th and 6th barebow, bowhunter, and longbow archers will have their competition, and on September 12th and 13th recurve and compound archers will have theirs.

“At the World Archery Excellence Centre, we are delighted to help SwissArchery and its members by hosting this important competition in a difficult time. We will do our best to provide a high-level Swiss National Outdoor Championship in a safe, fair, and competitive environment.”, stated Juan Carlos HOLGADO, director of the World Archery Excellence Centre, when receiving confirmation of the organization of this event.
“Even if we are going through a difficult period, we will prepare these weekends with great joy! It won’t be easy and we think there will be many challenges, but with these thoughts in mind, we are working hard to give you a good experience.”

There have been so many registrations that we have accepted more people by adding more targets, reaching the limit of what can be done following the current rules.

We can’t wait to see all the archers and find out who the Swiss champions are!

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Here is SwissArchery’s article: