Following on from the successful summer camps, the first Beginners Autumn Camp was held on 9 -14 October at the World Archery Excellence Centre.

By the end of the week, twelve children had learned archery basics and participated in a variety of activities such as making a bow and arrows.

The Excellence Centre’s staff organized small contests and games for each day to make the camp even more enjoyable.

“We learnt the basics of archery, such as the body and hand position. We also learned to shoot with a sight.  This morning, we enjoyed a contest where we needed to be efficient and fast. The purpose of the game was to earn Kapla pieces in order to construct a very tall tower. It was cool.” said one of the participants.

The participants all earned their first World Archery certified badge, the “Yellow Feather”, at the end of the week.

For more information about Beginners Archery Camps, please contact the Excellence Centre’s staff via email at  or +41 21 614 20 60

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