The children enjoyed a whole week of archery that took place on July 9 to 13 at the World Archery Excellence Centre.


Twenty children from 8 to 14 years old spent the week practising archery and other activities which will develop the skills needed for archery.


The Excellence Centre’s coaches Kyeong Su Jeoung and Raymond Paroz, together with Nathalie Chabin, a local coach and a team of volunteers guided the participants in acquiring the skills of archery from 9h to 16h each day.


Along with archery practise, the participants had the opportunity to build their own PVC bows and wooden arrows to use on the shooting field. They were also able to play other sports such as table tennis, football and badminton. For archery skills and arrow accuracy they took part in physical exercises such as body balance, shoulder and core strengthening exercises combined with coordinated hand-eye drills.


All the children really enjoyed the weeks program, as Tanya (11 years old) said. “I had never tried archery before, but I had been wanting to try for some time. The camp was great fun, and playing other sports as well was nice. I liked learning new things, and I think I will register again for another camp this year.”


The Kids Camp accepts children that have never shot before (beginners), and those that already know how to shoot and are looking for improvement and guidance with their technique and performance (club archers). While the beginners with no prior knowledge were able to learn how to shoot, club archers were able to benefit from their time at the Excellence Centre by improving the technique and knowledge of archery with Kyeong Su’s tips and from the Olympic Champion, Juan Carlos Holgado, Director of the Excellence Centre.


The two groups of young archers each had classes adapted to their shooting levels, practising together with games for the new archers and more technical games for the children who are already registered in a club.


Coach Kyeong Su Jeoung, who was part of the coaching team for the children, added, “I hope this kind of camp will help develop archery in Switzerland. This is good for promoting the sport, as some of the children may continue practising archery once the camp is over. For example, by joining our Youth Performance Group, that practise twice a week throughout the year. The camp was quite intensive on technique for the club archers, by the end of the week their performance and form had really improved. I think this week shows that this is a sport for everyone at any age. We will be hosting the first World Archery Masters Championships in August, for 50, 60, and 70 years olds.”


You can see some pictures taken during the Kids Camp on this page.


Archery camps for beginners are scheduled throughout the year during the school holidays to enable many children to discover the joy of archery. The next Kids Camp will be held from August 20 to 24 at the World Archery Excellence Centre.