On July 6 and 7, the World Archery Excellence Centre was welcoming French archers Robin Gardeur and Steve Adet for a second instinctive training camp, following the first one they had proposed with AVTA (Association Vaudoise de Tir à l’Arc) in May.

15 participants were present for this second edition, which was following the same programme as the first one with the first day taking place in the World Archery Excellence Centre, and the second one offering a full day of practice on the Montheron field.

Serge Ballesteros was one of the archers who came back after enjoying the first edition: “I was so pleased with the first camp that I decided to come to the second one as well. This camp is helping me to do some fine-tuning and work on my form and shooting technique. The atmosphere is really nice, and we are getting great advice from the experts. I could see the result right after the first camp since I won a medal in the next competition; I am now also able to analyse and understand why a shot is good or not, which is a great improvement.”

Bowhunter participants Sofia Gebel and Pamela Hintermann also shared their appreciation of this camp: “We registered to this training camp to learn and improve our instinctive shooting technique. We are happy to get personalised advice from instinctive archery experts Robin Gardeur and Steve Adet, and to learn from the experience and knowledge they share. We really appreciated that they were really approachable and the way they were coming to every archer to give them some personalised advice.”

The two experts, Robin Gardeur and Steve Adet, also talked about this second edition of the camp after completing it: “We worked on our programme to adapt it as we were proposing more practical sessions for participants coming for the second time, and keeping the full theoretical part for first-time participants. We were pleased to see that the participants were eager to learn, and that the ones coming for a second time had improved what we worked on during the first camp. We are happy to get this opportunity to help our discipline and archery grow, and we are already planning some improvements for the next camps.”

The pictures taken during the two days of the instinctive training camp can be found on the photo gallery of our website.

The next training camp taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre will be the compound training camp organised on September 29 and 30.