Natalia Valeeva au WAEC

Last weekend, Natalia Valeeva, a 6-time Olympian who has won more than 30 international medals, paid a visit to the World Archery Excellence Centre for a training with a group of archers from her club, Castenaso Archery Team.


After a 27-year international career as an archer, she announced her retirement in 2016 and has now switched to coaching for the Italian national team as well as her former club.

“This year, my principal work is as the second coach for the women’s national team,” she explained, and added about her day at the Centre: “I am here to help my club, to help a team of more ‘normal’ archers to shoot with more quality.”

As the archers from her club were practicing on the SporToto shooting field, with Valeeva going from one to another to give them advice, she related this experience to her own habits and routine as an archer: “It’s like when I was on the shooting line.  As an archer, I liked winning competitions and I talked to myself. Now, I have to find different words to explain things to different archers, which is exciting – there’s a kind of different language for everyone, and I have to speak their own language to coach them.”


You can see the pictures taken during their training on this page.

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