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On 19 March 2018, the World Archery Excellence Centre and the SwissArchery Association signed an agreement to collaborate on developing the growth of archery in Switzerland.

As part of the agreement, the Excellence Centre will now support archers from the Swiss National Team. The facilities will be available for “Cadres A and B teams” and the Excellence Centre will provide special rates for all members of the SwissArchery Federation.

“This new partnership agreement is a good opportunity for our federation. With Tenero, we now have two indoor fields that allows us to train at Olympic distances in the winter.  It also enables athletes from the national cadres and other athletes to visit the World Archery Excellence Centre, to train in it’s good quality facilities with a motivated and competent team. I hope that our members will enjoy this unique opportunity in Europe,” said Maël Loretan, President of SwissArchery Assocation.

SwissArchery’s committee and board meetings will now take place in the Excellence Centre’s meeting rooms. The coaches and judges courses will also be held at the Excellence Centre.

The SwissArchery Association in return will promote the Excellence Centre and its activities among their individual members and clubs.

“As Director of the Excellence Centre, I am delighted to have signed this collaboration agreement with Swiss Archery. One of the primary goals of the Excellence Centre is to support the growth of archery in the region and with this agreement, we will be able to accomplish this in a more efficient manner.

Living in Switzerland, I have observed the challenges that Swiss Archery has encountered in trying to grow our sport and provide the conditions necessary to ensure a successful future for archery and its national team. However, since the inauguration of the World Archery Excellence Centre, we have and will continue to provide the solution to many of these challenges. Additionally, with this agreement, all archers and clubs in Switzerland will receive information and will be able to take advantage of our services, courses, and competitions held at the Excellence Centre.

All of us at the World Archery Excellence Centre are delighted to welcome SwissArchery members and their National team and to work with them to achieve their goals. We are looking forward to also working with the SwissArchery president, their board members, coaches, judges, officials, and archers to support their programs and activities and help them to make archery even bigger and better,” said Juan Carlos Holgado, World Archery Excellence Centre Director.

For more information, please contact the Excellence Centre’s team via email at or +41 21 614 20 60