On 27 June, World Archery Excellence Centre staff officially received the building’s keys, which is expected to begin operations in September.

Management inspected and reviewed each area and space with the construction team, the architects and the engineers. While most of the areas were immediately approved during the meeting, there were some details the parties agreed to continue to work on during July.

“The quality of the construction is excellent,” said Centre Director Juan Carlos Holgado. “There are some details that we have identified that can be improved, but the building as a whole has been delivered to an exceptional standard of finish and on time.”

Any aspects left to finish will be completed before the Centre opens for its soft launch.

Centre Director Juan Carlos Holgado, Administrative Assistant Mathieu Gerber and Maintenance Coordinator Fermin Sul have all moved their offices from World Archery’s headquarters in Maison du Sport International to the newly-finished building, and will be working on-site from now on.

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