This past weekend, the Korean expert Kim Hyung Tak hosted a Recurve Training Camp at the World Archery Excellence Centre.

From 10–12 November, more than twenty people from all over the world participated in the Recurve Training Camp given by coach Kim Hyung Tak.

During the two days, the archers got the opportunity to have a video analysis of their performance and improvements to their goal setting, physical exercises, and mental preparation.

“It was really good. His analysis were really clear and easy to understand. I learned a lot about posture and how to set up before the shoot. I love the way he uses his video analysis and I want to use it when I will go home,” said one of the participant.

The successful camp ended on Sunday evening. Kim Hyung Tak will be holding a Recurve Coaching Seminar and workshop on the 18–19 November.

For more information about the Recurve Training Camps, please contact the Excellence Centre via email at, or at +41 21 614 20 60.

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