Luxembourg Team

Castenaso Archery Team wasn’t the only group of archers coming from another country last week, as we also had the pleasure to welcome the Luxembourg national team.


Pit Klein, Joe Klein and Jeff Henckels came for a training weekend at the World Archery Excellence Centre with head coach Kyeong Su Jeoung and World Archery Excellence Centre director Juan Carlos Holgado.

Despite having an archery centre in Luxembourg too, the three of them found their stay here to be very beneficial: “We also have a Centre in Luxembourg, that is quite similar to this one, but we chose to come here because of the training”, said Pit Klein. “We don’t have a coach in Luxembourg, but a coach is the most important part in training, so that’s why we came here, to get some feedback from a coach and know what we need to work on.”

The three members of the team were happy with the site, the supervision from the coaches and their training here.

“It’s been a hard weekend since we shot a lot of arrows and we did physical training with Juan Carlos, but in the end it’s a good experience, it gave us directions on what to work on to improve our results, our shooting level and our technique. It was also interesting to learn how to work on the mental level, how to behave depending on if we’re shooting in good or bad conditions.”

The three athletes definitely appreciated their stay in the Centre, which brought them some intensive training and tips to keep up the good work back home.


You can see the pictures taken during their stay on this page.

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