Hyundai stage 2

On June 16, the World Archery Excellence Centre hosted the second stage of the Hyundai Outdoor Challenge.

After the qualification round of the competition, some of the 32 archers took part in the matches which were held in the afternoon.

The official part of the competition was the qualification round that happened in the morning. In the afternoon, the organizing committee arranged a friendly elimination round to provide archers the opportunity to practice face-to-face matches.

Cadet to master archers participated last weekend.  Some of the masters will compete in the World Masters Championships in August, and they took the opportunity to shoot in the same venue that will be used this summer.

Michèle Fontanellaz, junior women recurve division, commented, “Competing here was interesting, as always. It feels good to shoot here, I know the place as I often come to practice. I really appreciate participating in an official competition at the World Archery Excellence Centre. People are always welcoming, and the competition went well. In addition, I shot a personal record, so it has been even more enjoyable.”

Jefferson Baudin, men’s recurve division, also had positive feedback: “The event was nice and well organised, we had a good day. In the morning it was more difficult because of the wind, but competing in windy conditions is good training. Having matches in the afternoon is a plus in this competition, as it gives me match experience. I like the setting, and it’s good that the Excellence Centre organises many competitions since there are not many in Switzerland. Last but not least, the medals for this event are really beautiful and I’m happy I won bronze.”

You can find pictures of the event on the photo gallery of the Excellence Centre’s website, and you can also have a look at the results by going to this page.

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