According to its renewable energy strategy, Switzerland requires that 20% of the basic electrical consumption of a new building is covered by green energy. Basic electrical consumption includes lighting and power for electrical devices like computers and televisions, white goods and plugs.

The green energy policy of the World Archery Excellence Centre includes installing extensive solar panelling, which absorbs the sun’s rays and produces electricity, and geothermal wells providing heating, all at low cost.

The roof of the Excellence Centre has 569 solar panels each running at 260 Watts.

Per year, the panels produce 155,000kWh of electricity. That is equivalent to the electrical consumption of 40 Swiss homes, without heating and hot water, and corresponds to 220% of the legislative electrical needs of the Centre.

Adding in the energy requirements for heating and hot water, the Centre will be 56% self-sufficient.

Early into the Centre’s construction while the foundations were being laid, with 50% recycled concrete also used for the apron (the main ground slab), 19 geothermal probes were inserted deep into the ground to provide heat to the air and water supplies.

During cold months, the wells pump heat from the ground into the facility, while in the summer the ground temperature regulates the ventilation. Throughout the year, the wells will regulate the shooting halls at 18 degrees.

The vegetation planted across the roof to help the Centre integrate into its surroundings were chosen from local species, and do not require any irrigation system.

The use of solar panels, recycled materials, and natural sources of heat and insulation, reduce the footprint of the World Archery Excellence Centre on the local environment, contribute to the City of Lausanne’s sustainable energy policy and allow the Centre to operate efficiently.

The solar panel installations at the World Archery Excellence Centre are managed by Si-Ren, working with the City of Lausanne.

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