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The first Kids’ Camp of the World Archery Excellence Centre in 2019 took place the week of Easter, from April 22 to 26.

The Spring Kids’ Camp welcomed 25 kids from 8 to 17 years old, divided into two groups. Each child could make the most of the camp according to their archery experience: one group was reserved for kids with no experience of archery or beginners. The other one was open to young club archers willing to experience a full week of archery and improve their shooting with the guidance and coaching sessions of the World Archery Excellence Centre’s coaches and instructors.

All children enjoyed other sports and creative activities. In addition to archery, they also practiced different sports as football or badminton, and had some time dedicated each day to the making of their own bow and the creation and filming of a video presenting their Kids Camp.

“I had already tried archery here for a birthday party, and I liked everything in the camp. It made me want to keep practicing archery”, 9-year-old Deva said.

Maxine, one of the instructors of the camp this week, also said the atmosphere was really good.

This week of archery practice was also beneficial for young archers, as Finn, 14 years old, explained: “I am practicing archery, and I had already participated to a Kids Camp before. I like the coaches and their explanations; they give a lot of information to help us improve our position and shooting form.”

Johann, who was also an instructor supervising the children during the Camp, added: “Considering that many of them didn’t have much or any experience of archery when they came here at the beginning of the week, they really progressed well, as now they can all shoot accurately at 8 or even 10 meters and use a sight. I’m impressed! We also organised a snakes and ladders game, during which they were taking for each end the points scored by their best arrow instead of throwing the dice to move their pawn on the board; they really loved it. This week was really great.”

Pictures of the event can be found in our photo gallery following this link.
The next Kids camp organised by the World Archery Excellence Centre will be the Summer Kids Camp, taking place from July 8 to 12.