On the weekend of May 11 to 12, the World Archery Excellence Centre (WAEC) organised on behalf of AVTA (Association Vaudoise de Tir à l’Arc) an Instinctive Training Camp with the participation of 2 French experts, Robin Gardeur (3D World Champion) and Steve Adet (3D France Champion).

26 participants from different Swiss archery clubs joined the first training camp of these bow categories at the Centre.

Barebow, longbow, and bowhunter archers taking part in this event attended a first day at the World Archery Excellence Centre. Robin and Steve used this day to share their knowledge in a theoretical session, followed by a shooting practice with personalised coaching in the WAEC Easton Hall. The second day’s session took place at the Montheron field in Lausanne, with all participants receiving tips and corrections from Robin and Steve along their shooting day on field and 3D targets.

AVTA president, Jean-Jacques Rensch, was very satisfied with the outcome of the camp: “We started last year our collaboration with the Centre by organising in its facilities with their coaches several training camps for young archers from the clubs of the region (Canton de Vaud). We knew that there was also a demand from adult archers for this kind of support. We decided to propose this training camp and worked with the World Archery Excellence Centre to select the best experts and get it done. We opened the registrations and closed it very quickly, as the places available got full after only 2 days. Based on the success and good response from the archers of the region, and the excellent collaboration we are having with the World Archery Excellence Centre and its staff, we are working to organise together other camps during this year focused on the adult compound and recurve archers of AVTA clubs.”

Robin and Steve also shared their impressions on the first training camp they participated to in Switzerland and in the Centre:

“It was a great experience for me to lead this camp alongside Steve Adet. When we were preparing the camp, we wanted to combine both theory and practical sessions, to get the interest of the archers,” Robin said. “The camp went very well in our point of view.”

Steve added: “It was the first time I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences in a training camp of this kind. I’m more used give some advice to friends and archers on the field. As this was new to me, I was really interested and excited in taking part to this camp. This weekend and the joy I had motivated me to go further in this experience of teaching and coaching.”

At the end of the 2 days of the activity, participants shared their appreciation of the camp. Frédéric Zürcher, from the Archers Associés d’Apples, said: “We came to this camp with the expectation to improve our shooting. After the first day, we were already very enthusiastic about what we learned and the way the 2 experts passed on their knowledge to all of us. At the end of Saturday, we were already impatient for the next day, especially to put into practice in the Montheron field what we learned.”

Marc-Henri Jan, coach of the Compagnie des Archers de Gland, concluded: “In my club, I am coaching young archers who shoot different types of bows. It was very interesting to attend this camp and improve our own shooting as well as getting more information to pass on to our instinctive archers. In our club, we are also attending instinctive training sessions with another French archer, Emmanuel Lecuyer. The camp organised at the World Archery Excellence Centre helped us to give value and confirm to our archers and coaches that we are on the right way in our club and the knowledge we are passing on to our archers.”

The pictures taken during this first camp are available in our photo gallery.

Another instinctive training camp will be organised at the World Archery Excellence Centre on July 6 and 7 with the same experts, Robin Gardeur and Steve Adet. For more information and to register, please follow this link.