The first Summer Kids Camp of the year was taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre from July 8 to 12. On this occasion, 17 participants discovered archery and enjoyed a week full of sports activities.

With a programme full of archery, the children participating to the camp, who were all beginners at the beginning of the week, quickly learnt the technique to shoot a bow and arrow and progressed to start using a sight and stabilisers.

All along this week, they also enjoyed sports activities such as playing team games outdoor and building their own bow and arrow.

On the last day of the camp, as they were trying for the first time the bow and arrow they built, James, Gaspard and Ethan told us about their week at the World Archery Excellence Centre: “We really enjoyed the camp, archery is great and the instructors were all really nice and helpful. We had only tried archery once or twice before coming to the Kids Camp, so we are happy we improved a lot during the week. We made friends, built our own bow and arrow, and played team games and archery games such as popping balloons. We had small archery competitions and we passed a test to get the Yellow Feather archery level. We had a really good week, so now we are considering joining the Youth Performance Group at the Centre to keep practicing archery.”

Johann, one of the instructors of the Kids Camp, also shared his impressions: “This Summer camp went as well as the first Kids Camp we did this year in April. We started the week with an archery initiation, even if most participants had already tried archery during birthday parties at the Centre or initiations, to make sure that everyone was on an equal footing regarding the basics of archery and the safety rules. Then, they improved quickly and by the end of the week they were all shooting with a sight, and quite precisely at distances up to 10 or 12 meters. Our objective was to teach them archery and for them to have fun, which we did with some pedagogical games. We also organised a “Hunger Games” competition: the kids completed some sports challenges to win arrows, which they could shoot at the end in the archery challenge to get points and win the competition.”

All the pictures taken during this first Summer Kids Camp can be found in the photo gallery of our website.

The Kids Camp are summer and holiday camps proposing a week focused on archery for children willing to discover this sport or young club archers who want to improve. The second Summer Kids Camp will take place at the World Archery Excellence Centre from August 19 to 23.