Ecole Nouvelle WAEC 2

The ENSR is a private school hosting many international students based only a 10-minute drive from the WAEC.

They have brought their students on many occasions to do archery initiations.

They have accepted to be our partners for the Archery Masters Championships in August by making available their fleet of school busses for our transportation system.

They will have a stand at the WAEC to promote their school.

Our long-term plan would be to create a joint programme where aspiring young archery athletes could be students of the school whilst also practising archery intensively at the WAEC under the supervision of our high-level coaches.

Mens sana in corpore sano. Our two institutions are committed to this motto which encapsulates physical challenge linked with a world-class academic programme.


You can learn more about the ENSR on their website at For any additional information regarding the World Archery Excellence Centre, please contact us at