South Korean archery expert Kim Hyung Tak returned to the World Archery Excellence Centre last week, following on from his successful visit in 2017. Coach Kim recorded all the participants, who were from all over the world, using his “high-tech” video analysis method. The archers were grouped in threes and given four-hour sessions, where they were filmed and analysed using the famous Dartfish software. Dartfish allows the viewer to watch the archer in slow motion, making it a great tool for “fine tuning” their shooting form.

All the participants were very satisfied with Coach Kim’s training camp. They all said that the training they received fully met their expectations, helped them to improve their shooting form, and has given them even more motivation to train. Tim Makitan, from Croatia, explained what working with Coach Kim was like: “This training was a dream come true. The methodology of Kim’s teaching is really great, filming every move and working on one point until the result is there. Coach Kim also made a great effort to improve my archery equipment, which instantly improved my results. That meant the world to me.”

On September 15 and 16, Coach Kim concluded his stay in Lausanne by giving a two-day Coaches Seminar. The participants got the opportunity to learn Coach Kim’s point of view, and his teaching method which is based on his vast knowledge and experience gained during the many years he has worked with archers from all over the world, from the very top to local level.

The coaches came from all over the world to attend the Coaching Seminar, from countries as far away as Namibia, South Africa, Romania and Germany. The seminar focused on different aspects of shooting technique, such as angles, body position and structure alignment. The importance of mental preparation was also addressed.

During his visit to the WAEC, Coach Kim shared as much knowledge as possible. Kim said: “In this seminar there were coaches at many different levels, so I went from basic to top level teaching methods to give valid and useful knowledge to each of them. Everyone in a course wants to learn and I made sure they got the best of what I teach.”

When the course ended, coaches participating shared their satisfaction. Siret Luik, an Estonian coach and World Archery staff member, who has taken part in different seminars given by Kim Hyung Tak, said she was very pleased: “I have participated in Coach Kim courses six times so far. I like his way of explaining things, and every time I attend one of his courses, I learn something new. And this time, I even learnt a bit more than expected”.

Alexis Fauron, a French coach who teaches a variety of archers, from beginners in schools to competitors in clubs including his successful daughter, fully agrees that the seminar met his expectations: “I already have a French coaching certificate, but I chose to take part in this course to improve my teaching knowledge and teaching skills. It was a great opportunity to come to the Excellence Centre to learn from one of the best in the world. Coach Kim shared a lot of knowledge. I enjoyed exchanging personal experiences with the rest of the coaches. In addition, I was really looking forward to the practical part of the seminar, to get a better understanding of how to apply in practice what we learned in the theoretical part. During the practice and demo classes, we all benefited from Kim Hyung Tak’s skilful eye; it’s really good to have someone of that level sharing his knowledge with others. This seminar was great.”


Photos of both events can be found in these links: Recurve Archers Training Camp and Recurve Coaches Workshop.

The World Archery Excellence Centre is already looking for dates to organise both activities again in 2019 and offer to other archers and coaches the opportunity to learn from one of the best archery coaches in the world. As soon the dates are confirmed, they will be published on the World Archery Excellence Centre website.