Brady Ellison meets the WAEC’s Young archers

Brady Ellison YPG 3

Last week, the World Archery Excellence Centre hosted the Lausanne Hyundai Archery World Cup Stage 2 with great success! World number 1, USA’s Brady Ellison, won the Recurve Men’s individual title, adding an 11th World Cup Gold to his impressive career.

The day before the recurve bow finals, the top ten archers from the WAEC’s Youth Performance Groups (YPG & YPCG) had the amazing opportunity to meet and shoot with Brady!

Through a series of games and challenges organized by the coach of the WAEC, the young archers competed against the 40+ other archers to rank top 10 and win their “ticket” to meet the reigning World Champion in person!

“It was so cool. We learned tons of stuff. Brady also signed our bows and quivers! He coached us and even told us that we all shot well. So, it was really cool! He told us that if our bow arm was stable, we could fix issues in our back, so I will remember to use that in the future”, said Alexandra Rossier, one of the archers, with a big smile.

Brady watched them shoot, gave tips, and did some demonstrations. As he talked, demonstrated, coached, and shot, the young archers were all awestruck.

The children left with stars in their eyes, more motivated than ever. Mr. Ellison even said that he was impressed with the level of our young archers, which was a great compliment for the whole team of coaches. ‘Never be afraid to be better’ he said”, said Nathalie Chabin, the head coach of the YPG and coach of the YPCG, who had had the idea and initiative to organize this memorable event.

The World Archery Excellence Centre thanks Brady Ellison for spending time with its archers and motivating them to improve. The Centre wishes him and his family a successful future, as well as wish all the archers who participated in the 2nd stage of the World Cup circuit a successful “road to Tokyo”!