AVTA Indoor Jeunes

On WAEC’s second anniversary, December 2, children enrolled in clubs in the Canton de Vaud and other Swiss clubs enjoyed an indoor competition organized especially for them in the Easton Hall.


December 2, the day of the 2nd anniversary of the WAEC, it was the day for kids enrolled in archery clubs in the canton de Vaud and other Swiss clubs to enjoy a competition especially organized for them at the “Easton Hall” in the World Archery Excellence Centre.

The Association Vaudoise de Tir à l’Arc (AVTA) is the regional archery association comprised of different archery clubs in the Canton de Vaud.  Last weekend they held a competition designed exclusively for young archers, with categories starting from Piccolo (8 -10 years old) to Juniors (18 – 20 years old).  Fifty-two children from 10 different clubs participated in the “Indoor Jeunes” which celebrated the end of five archery training sessions organized this year by AVTA at the World Archery Excellence Centre.  This year, twenty-five children attended these 2 hour archery trainings, AVTA’s president Jean Jacques Rensch explained:

“The idea was to gather young archers from Canton de Vaud once a month so that they could benefit from the teaching of the Centre’s coaches and raise their training level. Club coaches were also invited to take part in these trainings with their young archers to learn along with them, and to help the young archers keep improving in the long term what they worked on during this monthly session. We are offering these training sessions for free to the young archers because they are fully paid by the AVTA. I hope we will be welcoming more of them over the upcoming years, since around 180 young archers are registered in the clubs in the Canton de Vaud.”

Luciano Orsini, father of one of the young archers registered to this programme, also talked about the training sessions: “I can see my son made a lot of progress thanks to this. It helped him improve his technique and gave him more confidence. I think this is a great addition to the club trainings, and it also introduced us to the World Archery Excellence Centre, where we are now regularly coming to take private lessons.”

Lili, who won a silver medal in the competition, also shared her experience of AVTA events: “Training here always helps; people are always willing to give us tips, it’s very helpful. This is the third competition I took part in, and it was great! The coaches always tell us the point of competition is to have fun, and that it’s about the experience… I really enjoyed it.”

It was also her first experience of elimination matches, which was the idea of Jean-Jacques Rensch to add to this competition: “From what I saw when I was going to competitions with my son, young archers can really do well in qualification, but it’s very different when it comes to elimination matches. So, the idea of this competition was to give them the chance to experience matches, to get used to them and learn about a competition format that they will face in future.”

The pictures of this event are available in the World Archery Excellence Centre photo gallery.

Results of the AVTA Indoor Jeunes competition can be seen on Ianseo following this link.


In 2019, first weekend of December, AVTA will organize the second edition of this tournament. AVTA aims to get this time around 100 kids and grow the interest of kids to take part in archery event.