The first Hyundai WAEC Indoor Challenge took place this weekend on the 27 of October.

On this occasion, the World Archery Excellence Centre welcomed 91 participants, which is a record of participants in the Hyundai challenges organised by the Centre. Although the majority were archers from Switzerland, there were some archers from France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy.

The Olympic Solidarity scholarship archers currently training at the World Archery Excellence Centre also participated in this event, with Md Ruman Shana (Bangladesh) taking the first place in the Recurve Men category with 587 points.

In the Recurve Women category, Swiss team member Iliana Deineko won the gold medal with 545 points. Along with her, five other Swiss team members competed, of which four were also on the podium with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.


Even if they didn’t all win medals, participants enjoyed the competition, as one stated: “I didn’t shoot as good as I wanted, but it was a nice day with a great sportsmanship atmosphere!”

The most advanced kids from the Youth Performance Group created in the Centre also enjoyed their first indoor event with this competition. This training group was created at the beginning of the year with kids from 8 to 14 years old who started archery in some of the activities organised by the Centre.

The purpose of the Youth Performance Group is to involve kids who started archery in a more competitive approach to join the sport in a long term. For a few of them it was their first experience of winning a medal, and they were very happy with the outcome of their work.

The results of the competition are available by clicking on this link.

The pictures taken on this day will be available on the following page: Hyundai WAEC Indoor Challenge pictures.

The next competition taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre will be the AVTA Youth Indoor, on the 2 of December.