In February, Olympic Champion, Sebastien Flute visited the World Archery Excellence Centre and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the Excellence Centre.

Sebastien, French recurve archer and multiple gold medallist in different top level events, is the winner of the Men’s individual category at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and the team event in the Antalya World Championships in 1993. Currently his main focus is to promote archery.

What is your impression of the Excellence Centre?

“I must confess that I have been very impressed with the building, even though I had already seen some photos of the Excellence Centre’s official opening. The entrance and outdoor field immediately get you into the spirit. Once I entered the Excellence Centre, I was impressed with the quality of the facilities and the size of the shooting range.”

What do you like about the facilities?

“In the past, I have had the opportunity to train or travel with athletes to amazing facilities such as the archery centre AIS in Canberra, the one in Chula Vista, and of course the INSEP in Paris. The World Archery Excellence Centre has combined all their advantages. Being able to shoot at 70m indoors, the capacity to allow large groups of archers to shoot at the same time, the outdoor field to train and organise competitions in an Olympic format, equipment for physical preparation and recovery. And the list goes on! The best part of the Excellence Centre is that it is open to the public. Everyone can enjoy quality supervision, making it an excellent tool for the development of archery.”

How would you describe Lausanne in a few words?

“As soon as you arrive in Lausanne, you immediately feel you are in the heart of international sports: CIO, Olympic Museum, Maison du Sport International (MSI)… everything is next to Lake Leman.  It is a wonderful sport’s passionate place, for all sports!”

How will the Excellence Centre benefit the development of archery?

“With the Excellence Centre, archery has gained a wonderful tool to introduce archery to the public, a space for licenced archers to improve their technique, and also an excellent place for team training.  An exceptional tool!”