John Dudley has been involved in archery for over thirty years. From the outdoor life and 3D archery to target archery, John won his first call-up to the USA Archery Team in 2004.

Through the years, he’s travelled around the world, met new friends and collected a haul of medals and titles.

His knowledge and experienced soon gave him the drive to help others by teaching them how to shoot. Twelve years ago, John started to develop one of his now greatest passions: coaching.

We talked to him during a visit to the World Archery Excellence Centre.

What do you think about the Centre?

“I think this place will set a new standard for archery’s centres that are going to help not only archers but coaches to develop and prepare themselves to be better.”

What are your first impressions of the facilities?

“This is going to be an all-purpose archery centre that really has everything that athletes will need from the proper nutrition, food, fitness, and classrooms to indoor and outdoor ranges.”

Why is it important to be located in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne?

“I think the centre is right where it needs to be. If you come to Lausanne and get the tour at the Olympic Museum, you almost feel the entire spirit of sport and its motivation. You have the feeling that you are in the right spot to train.”

What impressed you the most from Lausanne?

“Being able to see the history of the Olympics in the city makes me want to coach harder and I’m sure as an archer it will make you want to train harder as well.”

How will the Centre benefit the development of archery?

“The support behind the facility and the personnel behind the centre speaks for itself. I know that the Centre Director and his staff will provide everything needed no matter if you are an athlete, a coach or a judge.

“It will be a place to improve your form, your technique, your mental training or your motivation.”

Will you use the Centre?

“Absolutely! I’m looking forward to playing an important role with the Centre in developing the compound archery side and to make it the archery headquarters of the world.”

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