A new edition of the Hyundai WA720 Indoor Challenge took place this weekend. This competition has a special format: targets were at outdoor shooting distances – 70 meters for recurve, and 50 meters for compound – but it happened in the Easton Hall of the World Archery Excellence Centre.

The Centre welcomed 46 participants. Archers from Switzerland, France and Germany were present, as well as the Olympic Solidarity scholarship athletes training at the Centre: Mahmoud Abdelwahab from Sudan, Areneo David from Malawi, and Marlyse Hourtou from Chad. Serbian coach Djordje Redza, who is currently training at the Centre, was also participating. Stephan Klein, from Mauritius, who spent a week in the World Archery Excellence Centre to receive training by its coaches, also took advantage of this competition experience.

The 46 participants – 10 more than the year before – enjoyed the competition. Geraldine Cordeau and Elodie Hainard said: “This is a good competition to do at the beginning of the outdoor season. We are training for the team competitions that are coming soon, but in Switzerland, weather can make it difficult to practice outside at this time of the year; an indoor competition allows us to focus only on technique, so we can be ready for the start of the outdoor season.”

Geraldine Cordeau and Elodie Hainard respectively got the gold and bronze medal in the Recurve women category, with Marlyse Hourtou from Chad winning the silver medal. On the men side, Swiss archer Thomas Rufer won the gold, followed by Sudanese archer Mahmoud Abdelwahab and Dimov Veliko from Geneva club.

After the recurve competition organised in the morning, compound archers completed the day by shooting during the afternoon session.

Martin Imboden, winner in the Master men category and member of the Swiss para-archery team, shared his impression on the competition: “This kind of competition is a good idea as the outdoor season is starting soon. As for me, my objective was to try to reach the points limit to get into the Swiss A group.”

In the Compound men category, Tristan Thepthamnao, Andéol Jeambrun and Pascal Héritier won the medals.

You can find out more about the results of this competition on the list of results. To see pictures of the event, you can visit the photo gallery.
The next competition taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre will be the 1st stage of the Hyundai WAEC Outdoor on May 25.