After a first weekend at the World Archery Excellence Centre dedicated to archery coaches with the Seminar from Coach Kim Hyung Tak, a second seminar took place the next weekend, from September 21 to 23, focusing on Para Adaptive coaching.


On this occasion, 23 participants came to the World Archery Excellence Centre from countries from all around the world such as Latvia, Azerbaijan or Israel for example to attend this 3-day seminar. Although most of them were both archers and coaches, some didn’t have much or any experience at all of para-archery and chose to get into it through this seminar, either because of a starting collaboration with a para archer, of an interest in developing this practice in their country or because of their desire to help disabled people practice their sport.

The programme of the weekend included a theoretical part, with the participants learning from USA expert M.J. Rogers about the existing practice of para-archery and its development, about the mindset and attitude of coaches while working with para archers, and the ways to adapt archery practice according to the different disabilities.

Including the presentation of real-life examples through videos and a speech from Jaekyung Lee (World Archery staff in charge of para-archery and classification), this first part introduced para-archery to the participants and made them familiar with the practice of it, before applying any new knowledge received on the shooting line.

It was then followed by a practical workshop, taking place in the Easton Hall, that also allowed the coaches attending the seminar to implement and experience different ways to adapt archery equipment to athletes with disabilities.

Following the course, most of the participants shared their satisfaction with the experts and Centre’s staff organizing it. “It was an inspirational seminar, from technical to mental teaching and all in between,” said one participant.

They were also happy they had the opportunity to share experience with coaches from different countries, which will surely help the ones wanting to introduce para-archery in countries where it is only starting to develop.


To see the Seminar pictures, please follow this link.

The next Coaches activity taking place at the World Archery Excellence Centre will be a World Archery Coaching Course Level 2 from October 22 to 28.