10-day training camp of the Egyptian national team at the World Archery Excellence Centre


The Egyptian national team organised a training camp at the World Archery Excellence Centre from July 26 to August 6 as a preparation for the African Games that will take place in Rabat, Morocco from August 26 to 30.

Recurve men archers Sherif Mohamed, Bahaaeldin Aly, Youssof Tolba, and Aly Amin, and recurve women archers Hania Fouda, Amal Adam, Reem Mansour, Mira Elchammaa, and Nada Azzam came to the World Archery Excellence Centre with their coach Maged Elkefe and official Ahmed Badawi for this training camp.

In their time at the World Archery Excellence Centre, they took advantage of the Centre’s facilities including the indoor Easton Hall where they practiced at 70 meters indoor for equipment tuning and form analysis, the Sportoto Outdoor field, and the fitness area for physical training as well as the hydromassage services.

On the first day of their stay, they also participated to the second stage of the Hyundai WAEC Outdoor Challenge, in which Youssof Tolba and Reem Mansour won the gold medal in respectively the recurve men and recurve women categories, showing a good performance.

During their training camp, the Egyptian archers held their team selections for the African Games and also benefitted from coaching sessions with World Archery Excellence Centre Head Coach Kyeong Su Jeoung.

Team official Ahmed Badawi and coach Maged Elkefe shared with us their comments on the Centre:

“We took a training camp at the World Archery Excellence Centre to prepare for the Olympic qualifications of the African Games. Having both indoor and outdoor shooting fields gave us more flexibility in our training. All the equipment we needed was there, as well as support facilities such as the fitness and the hydromassage for the relaxation of the athletes.”

“In addition, five of our archers achieved the Minimum Qualifying Score for the Olympic Games during the competition they participated to at the beginning of our stay; our recurve men archer Youssof Tolba even broke an African and Egyptian record during this competition with 668 points.”

The archers were also satisfied with their training camp, as Bahaaeldin Aly explained:

“I think this is the best place we have ever shot in. The time we spent here was really good, we especially enjoyed the gym and the indoor 70 meters shooting field. Now, I hope we will make good results at the African Games and qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games not only in individual competition, but also as a team.”

The archers selected in the team to participate to the African Games will be competing in Rabat, Morocco from August 26 to 30 along with the Olympic Solidarity scholarship archers currently training at the World Archery Excellence Centre.

Individual archers and teams interested in training at the World Archery Excellence Centre can organise their stay by contacting us by e-mail at info@worldarcherycentre.org or by phone at +41 (0) 21 614 20 60.