First Training Camp for Compound Archers

19 July 2017
The World Archery Excellence Centre hosted its first ever training camp for compound archers with world renowned expert in compound bow, John Dudley, from July 14-16 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Over the course of three days, the participants had the opportunity to improve on shooting form, goal setting, physical and mental preparation, bow set-up and received tips to perform better in competitions.

« John is an excellent coach. He was really clear and gave us good advice. He adapted very well to the level of the participants, » said a participant.

« I felt the training camp was really good. I think we had a lot of different levels with all the archers. As the teacher, I had to adapt really fast. Every archer had different types of things I had to work on. Several of them had target panic, so that was a different focus and several of them had equipment that wasn’t fit properly and some really wanted to focus more on tournament performance. I had to break the group up into a lot of smaller groups so I could work with one or the other, which is why this facility is so nice because you have a lot of space. The students were awesome too. » said John Dudley.

For more information about the training camps, please contact us via email at or by phone on +41 21 614 20 60