Centre hosts the first 70-metre indoor tournament

1 May 2017
The Club « Archers Associés d’Apples » organised the first Hyundai World Archery 720 Indoor Archery Challenge on 29-30 April 2017 at the World Archery Excellence Centre.

The indoor competition with outdoor distances (70m and 50m) took place at the indoor hall of the centre. At the end of the first day dedicated to compounds, Julien Hirt won the first place in the men’s category with a total of 675 points. In the women’s category, Emilie Hirt won with a total of 642.
On the second day of the competition dedicated to recurves, Thomas Aubert and Lisbeth Hvaler respectively won the first place in the men and women categories with a total of 656 and 606 points.
"Participate to an indoor competition with outdoor distances gave me the opportunity to begin the outdoor season without having to handle the weather conditions. The hall is great, the lightings are pleasant and I liked to shoot with music," said Keziah Chabin, the youngest archer of the competition.

Results and pictures of the event are available by clicking on the links.